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Name and Butterfly Garden Set

This wall decal set comes with flowers, butterflies & a name decal! Perfect for over a crib or as a headboard. The pieces in this set will come separate so that you'll be able to arrange them how you'd like.

(1) Name Decal - 23" wide. Height will depend on length of name.
(3) Daisies
(3) Roses
(2) Dandelions
(2) Mod Flowers
(18) Butterflies
• Step by Step Application Instructions
• Bonus Application Tool & Test Decal

Flowers range from 12" tall to 17" tall.
Measures 38" tall & 52" wide if placed as shown in picture.

*Butterflies will come in the same colors as daises, roses and mod flowers.

--Colors in main photo--
Daises: Chocolate Brown
Roses: Lipstick
Mod Flowers: Soft Pink
Dandelions: White
Stems: Olive

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